Disclaimer: this is not a recap of the knowledge gained from playing the game. If you want to really learn that, you should play the game! This is meant to give insight into what you will learn on overthewire.org, BEFORE deciding to dedicate the time to play.

So, I’m a programmer by day, but also just a big nerd in general which is why I recently bought myself a raspberry pi and installed Kali Linux on it, turning it into a mini hacking rig. That started a spiral into the world of “hacking” and quickly led to playing Wargames (online…

Note: if you just want to know how to make your Raspberry Pi 4 + Kali linux machine run headless (without a monitor), skip to steps 5 and 6

So I came across this Null Byte Video about using the Raspberry Pi 4 for wifi hacking on the go. Unlike its predecessors, the Pi 4 comes with a wifi network adapter capable of using monitor mode, which makes it an ideal mini hacking computer at around $45. Besides a few small issues that come with an aging tutorial, the null byte video misses a critical step: setting up your Raspberry…

Asking someone if they want to learn how to dance is a lot like asking someone if they would like to be an astronaut. Obviously, everyone wants to be an astronaut, but most people are also terrified at the idea of riding a Rocket ship. Dancing terrifies a lot of people too (for different reasons), but astronauts and dancers will both tell you that the reward is much greater than the risk. So, if you’re “dance-curious” at all, allow me to introduce you to the world of Latin Dance (specifically, Bachata)

What is Bachata?

Photo by Frank Romero on Unsplash

Bachata is a style of dance…

(Satire)Master data science in just 24 hours with this one weird trick

This is a satirical article meant to poke fun at some of the Data Science MOOC hype, and the sometimes overly optimistic advertising directed toward new students

We all know that data science is the sexiest career of the 21st century, just ask the harvard business review or that one racially ambiguous guy from Udemy who keeps popping up on your youtube ads

Udemy, Deep Learning Course

Data science is HOT! It’s the coolest thing since sliced bread and you know what else? It’s so new that the university’s can’t keep up…

ML Algorithms Overview

So a few months ago I decided to take the highly-regarded Intro to Machine Learning course taught by Andrew Ng on coursera. It’s an 11-week introduction to core concepts in machine learning and, overall, a great place to start your machine learning journey - no matter who you ask. Wherever you are in that journey, knowing the difference between linear and logistic regression is very necessary. In fact, I encountered this question in an interview just last week and I certainly could have answered it better. Don’t be like me, get it right before the interview.

Netizen Nick

Big time nerd

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